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AirTM Connects USD Cloud Accounts to Legacy Banking Rails Worldwide

Dec 18, 2015

AirTM connects Uphold's cloud money platform to national banking systems all over the world.

CMV is proud to participate in AirTM's first round of financing, giving these smart and passionate founders (originally from Mexico City) the funds they need to execute on their truly remarkable vision of making USD accounts available to everyone in the world who wants one, whether to preserve wealth against devaluing local currency or to save money and time sending and receiving USD payments.

AirTM connects clients who want to deposit or withdraw local currency to Uphold's cloud money platform with cashiers who complete those transactions for a commission.

A quote from their blog:

We started AirTM to help real people solve real problems: families who need to pay for their children’s studies abroad, entrepreneurs with US clients who want to operate more efficiently, US citizens living in South America who need to access their dollars faster and at a lower-cost.

Since launching, we’ve discovered more use-cases in more countries than we ever could have imagined.

We’re grateful for our hard-working AirTM cashiers. And we’re thankful for bitcoin, without which our business model would not be possible.

Huge potential market, providing a service that helps people all over the world preserve their wealth, low-cost scalability, inspiring founders-- AirTM has everything CMV looks for in a start-up.

Their slogan says it all: "Money in the Cloud where you want it. Cash in your hand when you need it."