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Bitwage targeting payroll worldwide.

Nov 20, 2015

"Our mission is to bring the value of real-time digital wage payments global. We started this by allowing anyone to receive their wages in Bitcoin without their employer or clients needing to sign up with us. Over time, we have managed to create an international payroll system that is faster and cheaper than the banks, paying employees in Europe, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and more." Bitwage Founder Jonathan Chester

Why shouldn't employees get paid at the end of each workday? Why are we still receiving biweekly paychecks? Why do companies pay billions every year to payroll companies that dump employee salaries into the slow, expensive, inaccessible, and unfair legacy banking system via direct deposit. Or worse-- generate paper checks-- why can't getting paid by our employers be as fast, easy, instant, and free as everything else in our digital lives?

Bitwage is on the case-- passionate founders tackling a big market with Cloud Money.

CMV is proud of Bitwage's passion, smarts, and rapid growth.