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Airtm at the Cutting Edge of Fintech, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Freedom.

Sep 24, 2020

Airtm was chosen by the Guaido regime to distribute $20MM seized by Treasury and State from Maduro to health workers fighting on the front-line of COVID in Venezuela. This funds flow is being executed under a specific OFAC license. We’ve distributed funds to over 40,000 ID-verified health workers, despite Maduro’s attempts to block, censor, intimidate, and infiltrate Airtm (links to media coverage of the campaign below).

Airtm’s combination of legacy, blockchain, and P2P technology makes it possible for us to provide anyone in the world a dollar-denominated account that is connected to U.S. bank and online payment rails, as well as convertible to local money anywhere via our network of 20,000 forex agents.



Miami Herald: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-hasnt-helped-venezuela

For more detailed context, I recommend these two podcast interviews with Airtm's CEO: