Building the Internet of Money

Developers and entrepreneurs around the world are using Cloud Money to save consumers and businesses time and money, displacing slow, expensive, inaccessible, and unfair established financial intermediaries.


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AirTM is the most reliable financial service in emerging markets that suffer from inflation, currency and capital controls, and limited bank networks.

Airtm makes it easy for anyone to preserve wealth in USD by depositing local money to their Airtm account using our global network of P2P forex agents.

Airtm is used by hundreds of thousands of consumers, freelancers, and businesses in Latin America and other emerging markets to receive USD payments, remittance, and donations that they can access as local money at Airtm's free market forex rate via its P2P network of agents.

Airtm also makes it easy for anyone to participate in global ecommerce with virtual and physical debit cards that can be used to spend Airtm USD wallet balances.

Airtm also makes it easy for anyone to send or receive cryptocurrency and withdraw it as local money via its P2P agent network.